JST 1 Jewish Studies.

Emerging in the ancient Middle East, the Jewish people developed a distinctive culture and tradition, first as an independent body-politic and later as a minority population in the Diaspora. Throughout history, the Jewish people have utilized their ancestral customs – i.e. Judaism – to maintain a living identity. This Thematic Sequence focuses on the history of Jewish communities in a variety of contexts in order to discern how Jews maintained their identity while partaking of and contributing to the non-Jewish world. These classes examine secular and religious Jewish cultures in Europe, America, north Africa and Asia from ca. 600 B.C.E. until today.

A student may take only one of the Foundation course for credit in the sequence. Thus, only one of the following courses may be taken: REL 175; REL 211; GER 252 and FRE/GER/RUS 212/HST 211.

1. Ancient and Medieval: One of the following courses:

CLS 310J Jews Among the Greeks and Romans (3), or

HST 346 Medieval Jewish History (3), or

HST 442 Ancient Jewish History, 539 BCE-200CE (3), or

REL 175* Critical Study of Biblical Literature (3), or

REL 211* Introduction to the Religion of Ancient Israel (3), or

REL 311 Archaeology and Biblical Studies (3); and

2. Modern: One of the following courses:

ENG/FST/GER 265 European Jewish Cinema (3), or

ENG/FRE/GER 356 Contemporary Jewish Fiction in Europe (3), or

FRE/GER/RUS 212/HST 211* Secular Jewish Culture from Enlightenment to Zionism (3), or

FRE/HST 339 Jews, "Jews," and Modern French Culture (3), or

FST/RUS 272 Cultures and Identities of Eastern Europe: An Introduction Through Literature and Film (3), or

GER 252* The German-Jewish Experience (3), or
HST 472 Germany 1918-1945 (3); and

3. Take one additional course from either 1 or 2.

Note: This sequence is open to all majors, but students must take only courses outside their department of major.

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