LAS 2 People and Power in the Americas.

Provides an interdisciplinary treatment of some of the major social and political issues confronting the Americas now and in the 21st century. Examines the relations and differences between the U.S. and Latin American and Caribbean societies, characterizes and contrasts world views from various social groups across the Americas, explores social conflict within and between countries of the Americas, and addresses such critical issues as human migration and economic integration.

  1. Courses are recommended to be taken as listed below; however, three courses may be taken in any order:
    ATH 305 Latin America: Anthropological Perspectives (3)
    GEO 405 The Caribbean in Global Context (3)
    LAS 208 Latin American Civilization After 1825 (3) (MPF)
    POL 326 Comparative Ethnic Policy (3)
    POL 378 Latin America: The Region and the World (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Political Science. Majors in anthropology or the Department of Geography must select a minimum of nine hours outside their department of major.

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