LAS 3 Latino Studies: Cultures and Histories of Latinos in the United States

This sequence gives students a broad understanding of the diverse histories and cultures of Latina/o populations living in the United States and emphasizes how Latina/o cultural politics in the United States are shaped in relation to both cultural formations within Latin American and racial/ethnic dynamics within the United States.

*Only one Foundation (FND) course can count toward both a Foundation requirement and a Thematic Sequence. Since this sequence includes multiple FND courses, not all of these FND courses will automatically apply to the sequence. Nevertheless, all courses listed here are available for this Thematic Sequence. You may add any omitted courses to your Thematic Sequence by visiting the Office of Liberal Education for assistance in meeting the allowable requirements.

1. LAS 208 Introduction to Latin America (3)*

2. LAS/ENG 254 Latino/a Literature and the Americas (3)*
LAS/HST 260 Latin America in the United States (3)*

3. ENG/AMS 348 Ethnic American Literatures (3)
LAS/SPN 332 Latin American Popular Culture (3)

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