Latin American Studies- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the LAS Program, 120 MacMillan Hall (513-529-4049 or 513-529-5333).

Latin American Latino/a & Caribbean Studies (LAS) offer an interdisciplinary major and minor based in mutually enriching perspectives in the humanities, fine arts, social and physical sciences. Courses examine and analyze Latin American and Caribbean cultures, economies, social and political systems, literature, art, music, history, and geography across the hemisphere. Opportunities to study abroad and to engage with Latin American communities in Ohio promote the active application of international knowledge to issues vital to today's changing world.

Program Requirements

(30 semester hours)

Three semester hours in each of the following three required categories. Additional credits here are counted toward the core courses requirement.

Introduction to Latin America

LAS 208/ATH 206 Introduction to Latin America (3)

LAS/HST 217 Modern Latin American History (3)

SPN 362 Spanish American Cultural History II (3)

Interdisciplinary Writing

LAS 211 Writing with Purpose: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Communication (3)

Culmination of Latin American Studies

LAS 410 Current Latin American Issues (3)

LAS/GEO/GLG/IES 412 Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica (5)

LAS/BWS/FST 415 Cuba in Revolution (4)

LAS/IES 416 Connections: Understanding Tropical Ecology and Natural History via Belize, Central America (5)

LAS/HST 437 Latin America Environmental History (3)

LAS 477 Independent Study Project (3-4)*

LAS 499 Study Abroad in Latin America and the Caribbean (3-6)

ATH 426D Culture and Environment in Brazil (3-6)

HST 400G Latin American History (3)

HST/LAS 437 Latin America Environmental History (3)

Language Requirement (complete 1 of the 2 options):

Option 1:

FRE 301 Introduction to French Literature and Culture

POR 311 Composition and Conversational Portuguese (3)

SPN 311 Grammar Review and Introductory Composition (3)

Option 2:

Complete SPN 202, POR 211, FRE 202, or their equivalents, and take three credit hours of a second language selected from SPN, POR, or FRE.

Core Courses

At least 15 hours, with at least 6 credits of the Core Course hours coming from LAS courses or their cross-listed equivalents:

ART 317 The Arts of Colonial Latin America (3)

ATH 303 Native American Culture (4)

ATH 305 Latin America: Anthropological Perspectives (3)

ATH 313 Introduction to South American Archaeology (4)

ATH/BWS/LAS/WGS 325 Identity, Race, Gender, Class (3)

ATH 414 Caribbean Archaeology (3)

ATH 415 Caribbean Archaeology: Field and Laboratory Methods (6)

BUS 399S Doing Business in Costa Rica: Environmental Sustainability and Risk Management (4)

BUS 420S The Environment of Business in Latin America (2)

BWS/FST/LAS/MUS/WGS 204 Brazilian Culture Through Popular Music (3)

BWS/LAS/HST 243 History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400s to 1800s (3)

BWS/ENG/FST/POR/WGS 383 By or About (Afro-) Brazilian Women (3)

ENG/LAS 254 Latino/a Literature and the Americas (3)

GEO 304 Latin American Development (3)

GEO 405 The Caribbean in Global Context (3)

HST/LAS 243 Origins of the African Diaspora: A History of European Slavers (3)

HST 307 Latin American Civilization (Before 1820) (3)

HST 487 Mexico Since 1810 (3)

LAS 207 Latin America before 1910 (3)

LAS/HST 260 Latin America in the United States (3)

LAS 277,377,477 Independent Study*

LAS 277X Service-Learning (1 credit, taken with any MPF course) **

LAS 300 Special Topics in Latin American Latino/a and Caribbean Studies (3)

LAS 315 Latin American Diaspora Communities and Issues (3)

LAS/HST 319 Revolution in Latin America (3)

LAS/HST/BWS 385 Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas (3)

LAS 390 Variable Content Seminar in Latin American, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies (3)

POL 337 Politics of Latin America (4)

POL 378 Latin America: The Region and the World (3)

SPN 315 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3)

SPN 361 Spanish American Cultural History I (3)

SPN 430 Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spanish America (3)

SPN 450 Topics in Hispanic Literature and Language (3)

SPN 461 Studies in Spanish American Narrative (3)

SPN 462 Studies in Modern Spanish American Drama (3)

SPN 463 Studies in Spanish American Poetry (3)

SPN 464 Studies in Spanish American Essay (3)

SPN 482 Spanish Dialectology (3)

SPN 490 Issues in Hispanic Literature (3)

(Latin American topic required)

Related Courses (up to three semester hours)

ATH 175 Peoples of the World (3)

ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (3)

ATH/ITS 301 Intercultural Relations (3)

ATH 312 Introduction to North American Archaeology (4)

BUS 371 International Business (3)

ECO 342 Comparative Economic Systems (3)

ECO 344 International Economic Relations (3)

ECO 347 Economic Development (3)

ECO 441 International Trade and Commercial Policy (3)

ECO 442 International Monetary Relations (3)

EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies in Education (3)

FSW 206 Social Welfare: Impact on Diverse Groups (4)

GEO 101 Global Forces, Local Diversity (3)

GEO 111 World Regional Geography (3)

GEO 475 Global Periphery's Urbanization (3)

HST 361 History of Colonial America (3)

HST 371 Native American History (3)

IDS 151 Diversity Seminar (1)

IDS 159 Strength Through Cultural Diversity (3)

LAS 413/IES 423 Tropical Marine Ecology (5)

ITS 201 Introduction to International Studies (3)

ITS 301 Intercultural Relations (3)

ITS 302 Problems of Non-Western Societies (3)

MGT 304 Cross-Cultural Management (3)

MKT 425/471L Global Marketing (3)

MUS 185 World Music (3)

MUS 186 Global Music for the I-Pod (3)

POL 326 Comparative Ethnic Politics (3)

POL 439 North American Politics: Unity and Diversity (3)

SOC 348 Race and Ethnic Relations (3)

SPN 482 Spanish Dialectology (3)

* Independent Study: Students who have completed at least three credits of LAS program requirements or core courses may design an Independent Study in LAS, working with a member of the LAS Faculty Advisory Committee.
** Service-Learning: Students are encouraged to participate in Service-Learning for 1-3 credits, or as non-credit volunteer work, in Ohio or abroad.

Study Abroad

The LAS Program highly values study abroad in all Latin American contexts and will extend credit by petition to international study experiences that fulfill program criteria

New courses

New courses, one-time only courses, sections of variable content courses, and other that relate to Latin America may be recognized by petition for credit toward appropriate categories.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Latin American, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies meet the College of Arts and Science writing requirement by completing LAS 211 and an LAS culmination course: LAS 410, 437, 477, or 499.

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