Marketing- Bachelor of Science in Business

For information, contact the Department of Marketing, 3057 FSB (513-529-3270).

The modern global society is placing an increasing emphasis on marketing knowledge and related skills. Global and domestic corporations’ manufacturing, distributing, buying, and selling significantly shape the standard of living and global economy. This is true for both products and services as well as for-profit and not-for-profit institutions and supply chains.

To prepare students for a career in marketing or as part of a business decision-making team, this program provides courses in: branding, promotion, supply chain management, consumer behavior, marketing research, sales management and personal selling, imagination and creativity, problem solving skills, creating customer value, global marketing, interactive media studies, and guerilla marketing.

Program Requirements

All of these:

MKT 292 Careers in Marketing (1)

MKT 301 Creativity, Innovation, and Decision Making in Marketing (4)

MKT 325 Consumer Behavior (3)

MKT 335 Marketing Research (3)

MKT 405 Creating Customer Value Through Marketing (3)

Choose ONE of the following:

MKT 415 Marketing to Organizations (3)

MKT/IMS 419 Digital Branding (3)

MKT 425 Global Marketing (3)

MKT 431 Logistics Management (3)

MKT 435 Branding and Integrated Marketing Communications (3)

Select one capstone:

IMS 440 Interactive Media Studies Practicum (4)

MKT 442 Highwire Brand Studio (4)

MKT 495 Marketing Practicum (4)

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