(21 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Mathematics, 123 Bachelor Hall (513-529-5818).

This minor provides students with an increased understanding of, and competence in, mathematics. Building on a base of calculus and linear algebra, already required for many majors, the program leads students through a theoretical course, an applications course, and at least one additional elective in advanced mathematics.

A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for all courses in the minor. All courses must be taken for a grade, not credit/no-credit. This minor is not available to majors in mathematics, mathematics and statistics, or mathematics education.

Program Requirements

Choose ONE of the following:

MTH 249 Calculus II (5) or

MTH 249H Honors Calculus II (5)

MTH 251 Calculus II (4)

Choose ONE of the following:

MTH 252 Calculus III (4) or

MTH 252H Honors Calculus III (4)

Choose ONE of the following:

MTH 222 Introduction to Linear Algebra (3)

MTH 222T Introduction to Linear Algebra (Honors) (2) and

MTH 331T Discrete Mathematics (Honors) (3)

At least 10 semester hours in mathematics courses at 300 level or above, including:

At least one of these: MTH 411, 421, 441, or 451

At least one of these: MTH 347, 432, 436, 437, 438, 439, 447, or 453

At least six semester hours at the 400 level

Note: You may count at most one semester hour from MTH 430 or 477 and three semester hours of PHY 483. MTH 330 and 406 do not count toward the minor. Students who have taken MTH 245 as a requirement for a major may count one hour of MTH 245 to the 10 hours at the 300 level, and for them, MTH 245 substitutes for MTH 347 in the list of "applications" courses.

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