MBI 1 Biomedical Science.

Examines principles and examples of diseases caused by microbial infections so that the role of microorganisms in the development of disease in a human host can be understood. Studies the host at genetic or cell and tissue level to gain an overview of infectious and noninfectious diseases in populations. Fosters understanding of the effects of diseases on human communities and provides a perspective to help evaluate health dilemmas and develop strategies to solve them.

1. MBI 161 Elementary Medical Microbiology (4) (MPF); and

2. BIO 232 Human Heredity (3), or
BIO 325 Pathophysiology (4); and

3. MBI 361 Epidemiology (3)

Note: Offered only on the Hamilton and Middletown campuses. Not open to majors in the Departments of Biology or Microbiology.

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