MUS 1 Performance of Music.

Study and apply music performance in solo and ensemble settings in order to examine and evaluate musical style, emotional and programmatic aspects of composition in performance, the interrelationship of instruments in larger contexts, and the involvement of personal technique, style, and emotional context.

Prerequisite: Not for beginning performers. Admission only to students granted “sophomore standing” by the music department after an audition or semester-end jury following enrollment in MUS 142 or 144.

1. Three semesters minimum of private study, including at least one semester at 300-level with a prerequisite of “junior standing” granted by the music department after a semester-end jury following enrollment in MUS 242 or 244.
Courses available:
MUS 242, 342 (2)
MUS 244, 344 (3-4)

2. A minimum of two ensemble experiences. MUS 100E Marching Band cannot fulfill this requirement. You are encouraged to be involved in more than one ensemble for the duration of the sequence.

3. Juried half-recital (20 minutes of music minimum) given in your junior or senior year (0). The recital must be a lecture-recital or must have program notes written by you.

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Music.

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