MUS 142N/144N Applied Music Percussion- FR

Snare drum: development of rudimental and concert styles through study of rolls (double and triple stroke, multiple bounce); grace note rudiments (flams, drags, and ruffs); others from PASIC 40 International Rudiment list; and sight reading. Method books: Stick Control, George L. Stone; Modern School for Snare Drum, Morris Goldenberg; Standard Snare Drum Method, B. Podemski; others, Garwood Whaley; concert and rudimental solos from O.M.E.A. approved list for solos and ensemble contest. Keyboard instruments: major and minor scales played two octaves in all keys; major, minor, augmented, and diminished 7th broken chord patterns in all keys; selected warm ups; repertory appropriate to level; sight reading; introduction to four mallet techniques. Method books: Modern School of Xylophone, Marimba, and Vibraphone, Morris Goldenberg; Modern Mallet Methods, Phil Kraus; Mental and Manual Calisthenics, Elden Bailey; Instruction Course for Xylophone, George L. Green; Method for Movement for Marimba, Leigh H. Stevens; others, Garwood Whaley; solos from OMEA approved list. Tambourine, triangle, cymbals: basic performance techniques, ensemble repertoire.

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