MUS 3 African and African-Derived Music in the Western World.

Focuses on the development and influence of African-derived music in the western world, which includes not only North America but also the Caribbean and South America. The subject is examined from several historical as well as musical perspectives: (1) African music in the traditional context and its defining factors on the lives and culture of Western African societies and people; (2) The Atlantic slave trade and the development of African-influenced genres in the West; (3) The impact of the development of and changes in Western societies (i.e., emancipation, segregation, unemployment, etc.) and the music that results. At the conclusion of this sequence, students should be able to integrate the material covered into their knowledge of American musical and social history and have a deeper understanding of how societal structures and racial identity have affected music.

1. MUS/AMS 285 Survey of African Music in the Diaspora (3); and

2. MUS/AMS 385 The Roots of Black Music: Blues, Gospel, and Soul (3); and

3. MUS/AMS 386 History and Development of Hip-Hop Culture in America (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Music.

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