Music- Bachelor of Arts in Music

For information, contact the Department of Music, 109 Presser Hall (513-529-3014).

In addition to the professional degrees in music performance and music education, the Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. This program combines the breadth of a liberal arts tradition with concentrated studies in music. It is intended for students who have strong musical interests.

Program Requirements

(128 semester hours minimum)

  • Complete the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education or the Honors Plan for Liberal Education.
  • Complete Department of Music requirements.

All of these:

MUS 101/102 Theory of Music (3, 3)

MUS 151/152 Sightsinging and Dictation (1, 1)

MUS 185 The Diverse Worlds of Music (3)* or

MUS 186 Global Music for the I-Pod (3)*

MUS 201/202 Theory of Music (3, 3)

MUS 211/212 History of Western Music (3, 3)

* Global Miami Plan Foundation course

Two of these:

MUS 204 Brazilian Culture Through Popular Music (3)

MUS 221 Music Technologies (3)

MUS 285 Introduction to African American Music (3)

MUS 287 Enter the Diva: Women in Music (3)

MUS 301 Counterpoint (3)

MUS 302 Analysis (3)

MUS 303 Electronic Music (3)

MUS 371 Composition (3)

MUS 372 Composition (3)

MUS 385 The Roots of Black Music: Blues, Gospel and Soul (3)

MUS 386 The History and Development of Hip Hop Culture in America (3)

MUS 404 Wind Band Ensemble Literature (3)

MUS 405 Choral Literature (3)

MUS 427 Music of the 20th Century (3)

MUS 461 American Music (3)

MUS 490 Special Topics in Music (3)

*Global Miami Plan Foundation course

  • Complete a minimum of seven (7) hours of electives in the Department of Music.
  • Achievement of sophomore standing in a major applied area. This proficiency is established through applied music jury examination. Usually two semesters of applied music are required to reach sophomore standing.
  • Large ensemble requirement: All students in the Bachelor of Arts in Music are required to enroll in one of the large ensembles for four semesters in their primary performance medium. The large ensembles include: University Symphony Orchestra, Marching Band, Symphony Band, Collegiate Chorale, Chamber Singers, Choraliers, Men's Glee Club, and Wind Ensemble. Entrance to each group is by audition.
  • Piano majors may fulfill the ensemble requirement through enrollment in a vocal ensemble, an instrumental ensemble, accompanying (MUS 110/120), or chamber music as a pianist.
  • Complete foreign language requirement: two years are required. (Completion of 202 in any foreign language offered at Miami University). Requirement may be met by a university proficiency exam.
  • Complete functional piano requirement: MUS 161 or proficiency exam required.
  • Seven semesters of recital attendance: MUS 140.
  • One semester of chamber music experience: MUS 139.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to check to see that all university requirements have been fulfilled.

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