Music Composition

(23 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Music, 109 Presser Hall (513-529-3014).

This minor is for those who want to complement their education with creative study in music composition. Open to music majors and non-majors.

Students interested in pursuing the minor in music composition must complete MUS 101/102 and 151/152 prior to admission. Following this coursework, the student should submit their grades in these courses along with two compositions (either in score form or MP3 files) to Professor Roger Davis, coordinator of the composition program.

Program Requirements

All of these:

MUS 101/102 Theory of Music (3, 3)

MUS 151/152 Sightsinging and Dictation (1, 1)

MUS 201 Theory of Music (3)

MUS 221 Music Technologies (3)

MUS 371-372 Composition (3, 3)

Choose ONE of these:

MUS 301 Counterpoint (3)

MUS 303 Electronic Music (3)

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