(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Psychology, 100 Psychology Building (513-529-2400) or the Department of Biology, 212 Pearson Hall (513-529-3100); this minor is offered cooperatively.

This minor enables students to pursue in depth a multidisciplinary study of the nervous system. It provides a basic framework for students planning advanced work at the graduate level.

A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for all courses in the minor.

Program Requirements

Required courses:

BIO 203 Introduction to Cell Biology (3)

BIO 305 Human Physiology (4)

PSY 251 Introduction to Biopsychology (3)

Choose at least 3 courses:*

BIO 454 Endocrinology (3)

BIO 457 Neuroanatomy (3)

BIO 458 Neuroanatomical Methods (1)

BIO 459 Methods in Neurophysiology (1)

BIO 464 Laboratory in Cell/Molecular Biology (3)

BIO 465 Animal Behavior (4)

BIO 469 Neurophysiology (3)

BIO 471 Molecular Physiology (3)

PSY 351 Advanced Biopsychology (4)

PSY 356 Psychopharmacology (3)

PSY 410A or E Capstone Seminar in Neuroscience (3)

PSY 451 Cognitive Neuroscience (3)

PSY 456 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (3)

* At least one course from each department.

Other relevant work:

Course work in calculus, statistics, chemistry, computer science, and philosophy of science.

An independent research project (with PSY 477 or BIO 320) is recommended.

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