NSC 1 Naval Science: History of Warfare.

Examines the evolution of strategic principles and the influence of economic, psychological, moral, political, and technological factors on strategic thought. Covers the evolution of warfare from 600 B.C. to present, naval warfare from 1500 to present, and amphibious warfare from 1800 to present. Through literature, you are exposed to differing perspectives, including official records of the event, personal experiences of participants, and post-event analysis by researchers. Engage in a critical analysis of great captains, military organizations, and military theorists of history.

1. NSC 311 The Evolution of Warfare (3); and

2. NSC 202 Seapower and Maritime Affairs Seminar (3); and

3. NSC 411 Amphibious Warfare (3)

Note: Open to all majors.

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