NSC 2 War: An Extension of Politics.

Examines world politics, historical role played by the military in the outcome of those politics, and possible political methods to avoid future military action. Explores the complexity of world politics driven by differences in economics, population, culture, and philosophy, and studies the historical outcome of incidents where military action occurred as well as those incidents resolved without military involvement.

1. POL 271 World Politics (4) (MPF), or
POL 387 Comparative Security Issues (3), or
HST 219 U.S. Diplomatic History to 1914 (3), or
HST 222 U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1898 (3); and

2. NSC 202 Seapower and Maritime Affairs Seminar (3), or
NSC 311 The Evolution of Warfare (3), or
NSC 411 Amphibious Warfare (3); and

3. POL 373 American Foreign Policy (3), or
POL 374 Foreign Policy Analysis (3), or
POL 381 Global Governance (3), or
POL 382 International Law (3), or
HST 275 20th Century European Diplomacy (3), or
HST/ENG/PSY 360C Interdisciplinary Special Topics: Alternatives to War (4), or
HST 431 The U.S.-Vietnam War (3)

Note: Students must select a minimum of nine hours outside their department of major.

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