Operations Research Methods

(19 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Mathematics, 123 Bachelor Hall (513-529-5818).

Operations research is the use of scientific methods in decision making. It seeks to observe, understand, and predict the behavior of human-machine systems through the use of mathematical models.

This minor is available to all majors. A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for all courses applicable to the minor. All courses must be taken for a grade, not credit/no-credit.

To explore the possibility of designing your own program, contact the adviser for this minor in the Department of Mathematics. Otherwise, follow the program below, which includes the CSE 3 Thematic Sequence (Mathematical and Computer Modeling). Majors in CSE typically satisfy the MTH 2 Thematic Sequence (Basic Mathematical Tools for Science).

Program Requirements

All of these:

CSE 273 Optimization Modeling (3)

CSE 372 Stochastic Modeling (3)

CSE 471 Simulation (3)

STA 463 Regression Analysis (4)

Choose at least ONE of the following:

MTH 432 Optimization (3)

MTH 438 Theory and Applications of Graphs (3)

MTH 453 Numerical Analysis (3) and

A second course chosen from the three above or one of the following:

MTH 435 Modeling Capstone (3)

MTH 437 Game Theory (3)

MTH 439 Combinatorics (3)

MTH 447 Topics in Mathematical Finance (3)

STA 483 Analysis of Forecasting Systems (3)

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