Other Overseas Programs: Transfer Credit

Many American universities sponsor study abroad programs all over the world. Information is available in the Study Abroad Library at the Office of International Education, 216 MacMillan Hall. All students should make certain that the program is approved and that credits will transfer before studying abroad.

Transfer of your credit may be automatic if the overseas program is sponsored by an accredited university, but you should seek confirmation from the study abroad adviser before you apply. If you choose to enroll directly in an overseas institution, you should consult with your academic adviser and the study abroad adviser in the Office of International Programs about transfer credit (ee Credit Evaluations).

If you are admitted to an overseas program not sponsored by Miami University, obtain a Study Abroad form at the Office of International Education, 216 MacMillan Hall (513-529-5628). This office will determine if the credits earned can be transferred back to Miami. After the form is completed, it will be submitted to the University Registrar's Office so that registration can be arranged for the next applicable semester. No readmission procedure is necessary if your Study Abroad form is on file at the University Registrar's Office.

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