PHY 1 The Physical World: Contemporary Physics.

Option One-experimental emphasis, stresses experimental, hands-on experience in the laboratory. Option Two-theoretical emphasis, stresses modeling and simulation approaches to problem solving. Extends the basic foundation in the broad area of physics developed in “The Physical World.” Provides in-depth developments of topics in modern and contemporary physical science. The goal is to provide a level of understanding and skills in contemporary scientific methodology to enable further study in the sciences or to provide a substantial technical background for a future career.

1. PHY 182, 184 The Physical World II and Laboratory (MPF) (4,1); and

2. PHY 281, 293 Contemporary Physics I and Laboratory (3, 2); and

3. Experimental Option: PHY 292, 294 Electronic Instrumentation (3, 2), or
Theoretical Option: PHY 286 Introduction to Computational Physics (3)

Note: Although laboratory sections are listed as separate courses in this Bulletin, they are integral co-requisites to the companion courses. Not open to majors in the Department of Physics.

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