Planning for Optometry School

Typical admission requirements for optometry school include one year of English, one year of biology, two years of chemistry, one year of physics, one semester of mathematics (calculus and statistics), one semester of psychology, one year of social science, one semester of microbiology, and one or two semesters of physiology. Since specific requirements vary, you should contact schools where you may apply, and plan your curriculum accordingly. Most pre-optometry students major in biology, zoology, chemistry, or microbiology.

Optometry schools require the Optometry Admission Test. It is available only online (

A recommended program for your first year is:

BIO/MBI115, 116 Biological Concepts (4, 4)

(3, 3)

CHM 141, 142 College Chemistry (3, 3)

CHM 144, 145 College Chemistry Laboratory (2, 2)

ENG 111, 112 Composition and Rhetoric, Composition and Literature (3, 3)

MTH 151 Calculus (5)

Electives (choose from CAS requirements and Miami Plan Foundation courses)

For more information, consult with the pre-optometry adviser in the Department of Biology.

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