Planning for Physical Therapy School

If you are interested in a career in physical or occupational therapy, you should take courses that meet the prerequisites for graduate degree programs in those areas. The Pre-Physical and Pre-Occupational Therapy Program at Miami is designed to provide students with the basic science and related courses needed for background preparation and admission into an accredited physical or occupational therapy program.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has announced that all physical therapy programs must offer doctoral degrees by 2020. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), all baccalaureate occupational therapy programs nationwide are expected to transition to master's degree granting programs by 2007. Therefore, students interested in physical or occupational therapy usually complete their bachelor's degree at Miami and then apply to a master's or doctoral degree program in physical or occupational therapy at another school.

Because there is no standard set of prerequisite courses required by physical or occupational therapy programs, you must contact schools for their requirements. Select courses at Miami that will meet requirements for your program.

The following courses are required prior to admission by most programs (note that this is only a general guideline):

BIO/MBI 115 Biological Concepts (4) or

BIO 113 Animal Diversity (4)

BIO/MBI 116 Biological Concepts (4) or

BIO 114 Principles of Biology (4)

BIO 201 Human Anatomy (4) (meets human anatomy prerequisite)

BIO 305 Human Physiology (4) or

BIO 161 Principles of Human Physiology (4) (meets human physiology prerequisite)

CHM 141, 142 (3, 3)

CHM 144, 145 College Chemistry Laboratory (2, 2) or

CHM 153, 161

ENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric (3) or

ENG 112 Composition and Literature (3)

KNH 244, 244L Functional Anatomy and Lab (3, 1)

KNH 381 Biodynamics of Human Activity (4)

KNH 468 Physiology and Biophysics of Human Activity (3)

PHY 171, 172 College Physics (3, 3)

PHY 173, 174 Physics Laboratory (1, 1)

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology (4)

PSY 231 Developmental Psychology (3)

STA 261 Statistics (4)

Other suggested courses include:

CHM 231 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (4)

CHM 332 Outlines of Biochemistry (4)

COM 135 Public Expression and Critical Inquiry (3)

PHL 131 (3) or PHL 375 (4) or

SOC 357 (3) (one semester of philosophy/medical ethics)

For more information, contact a physical therapy program adviser in the Department of Biology or the Department of Kinesiology and Health.

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