POL 1 Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy.

Explores the study and substance of foreign policy. The sequence begins by analyzing the broader international and theoretical contexts of foreign policy, then moves into finer analysis of particular issues confronting national governments in the construction and pursuit of their foreign policy objectives. Completes the sequence with a country or region-specific course that examines in greater detail theories, contexts, and issues explored in earlier courses.

1. POL 271 World Politics (4) (MPF); and

2. POL 374 Foreign Policy Analysis (3), or
POL 387 Comparative Security Issues (3); and

3. POL 373 American Foreign Policy (3), or
POL 375 International Relations of East Asia (3), or
POL 376 U.S. National Security Policy (3), or
POL 378 Latin America: The Region and the World (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Political Science.

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