PSY 5 Cognition: Understanding and Improving Thought.

Offers opportunity to reflect upon reasoning, those processes used to create, maintain, modify, and evaluate beliefs about the world. Begins by introducing the study of cognition within the discipline of psychology; the second course emphasizes specific cognitive processes (e.g., language) and methods and theories associated with their study; the third course offers an in-depth analysis of current theories and methods of studying cognition within a circumscribed topic area.

1. PSY 271 Cognition (3); and

2. PSY 372 Learning and Cognition (4), or
PSY 374 Psychology of Language and Thought (3); and

3. PSY 470 Seminar in Cognition (3); or
PSY 471 Spatial Cognition (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Psychology.

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