PSY 6 Applied Leadership and Pedagogy.

The redesigned introductory psychology (PSY111) course focuses on developing skills used by psychologists in using evidence to support their beliefs. Students will be invited to participate in leadership training (PSY211) that will train them to lead small discussion groups of introductory psychology students (PSY212) in which the leaders guide students in practicing their use of these critical thinking skills. The final course (PSY 313) promotes reflection on their experience as a discussion leader and provides an opportunity to engage in a facet of their experience in more depth. These goals are achieved by pursuing a project designed as part of their practicum experience in PSY 212, engaging in an additional pedagogical experience, mentoring new discussion leaders or taking another course approved by the faculty member teaching PSY 313.


With respect to the subject-matter of how psychologists/scientists use evidence: Participants in this thematic sequence begin as students "learning" principles of scientific thinking (PSY 111). The second course (PSY 211) affords the students more advanced training in the skills of how scientists use evidence. The third course (PSY 212) affords students the opportunity to serve as guides for students in PSY 111 learning the same principles for the first time. Finally, PSY 313 affords students the opportunity to use their prior experiences as the basis to guided inquiry into the nature of learning and pedagogy. 

1. PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology (4); and

2. PSY 211 Psychological Perspectives on Leadership and Pedagogy in the College Classroom (2); and
PSY 212 Practicum in Leadership and Pedagogy (3); and

3. PSY 313 Advancing in Leadership and Pedagogy (1-3)

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