New undergraduate students are required to meet with an academic adviser to select their required courses and electives. First year students register during Summer Orientation in June. Continuing students are encouraged to contact their advisers for further academic and career counseling before registering.

Register for classes at Miami University online through myMiami/BannerWeb ( and receive immediate confirmation of your schedule. You can register, confirm and change your schedule through BannerWeb only on the assigned days and at the assigned times.

Before you can register, the system will ask you to supply emergency contact information. The university requires that you provide emergency contact information so that we may readily notify a family member or significant other in case of an emergency or should a critical matter arise.

You are required to provide your local contact information and the name of a family member/guardian/spouse or another significant person and their contact information. You will be delayed in registering for your next semester courses until you enter the requested information.

The deadline to complete registration and payment is the second (2nd) day of fall or spring semester. Registering late will limit your available choices which may prevent you from getting all the required classes you need.

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