REL 2 The Historical and Comparative Study of Religion.

Uses the approach of the history of religions to provide perspective continuity and depends heavily on the study and interpretation of classical foreign-language texts in English translation, while using case studies, surveys, and field reports. Unlike some sequences in the humanities that concentrate on religious ideas and doctrines, this sequence utilizes categories developed from the field of comparative religion to acquaint students with the diversity of religious phenomena. Emphasizes the importance of studying religion in a comparative and global context; allows a choice of emphasis of either major Eastern or Western religious traditions, at the second level.

1. REL 101 American Religious Encounters (3) (MPF); and

2. REL 202 Religions of Asia (3), or
REL 211 Religions of the Hebrew Bible (3); and

3. REL 201 Methods for the Study of Religion (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Comparative Religion.

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