Religion- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the Department of Comparative Religion, 164 Upham Hall (513-529-4300).

Program Requirements

(24 semester hours)

REL 201 Methods for the Study of Religion (3)

At least 12 semester hours in religion at 300 level or above

Additional courses in religion, chosen with your adviser

Note: No more than six semester hours at 100 level can count toward the major. REL 209 does not count toward the major; however, it may count as related hours.

Related Hours (18 required)

These should be chosen with your adviser; 10 of these hours must be 300-level or above.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Religion will meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following course/s: REL 201 and REL 430 or another approved 400-level course.

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