RUS 1 Russia and the Soviet Union.

Examines Russian culture, society, and politics from an interdisciplinary perspective, including major Russian literary works, historical patterns, and political leaders and parties from the 10th century to the present. By considering this interaction, you gain meaningful insights into the development of Russia as well as acquire useful perspectives on Western society.

1. RUS/ENG 255 Russian Literature from Pushkin to Dostoevsky in English Translation (3) (MPF), or
RUS/ENG 256 Russian Literature in English Translation: From Tolstoy to Nabokov (3); and

2. HST 374 Russia to 1855 (3), or
HST 375 Russia and the USSR from 1855 to the Present (3), or
HST 470 Topics in Russian History (3), or
HST 475 Images of Russia At Home and Abroad: 16th Century to Present (3); and

3. POL/HST 230 Topics in Russian Culture and Civilization (3), or
POL 331 Communism and Soviet Politics, 1917-1991 (3), or
POL 332 Post-Soviet Russian Politics (3), or
POL 430B Political Systems of Russia and Eastern Europe (4)

Note: Not open to Russian majors or majors in the Departments of History or Political Science.

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