SBI 1 Summer Business Institute for Non-Business Majors/Minors.

Students will acquire a basic understanding of how businesses and people work together, providing synergy with the student's chosen major. Six-week program is designed to help talented non-business students develop a clear advantage in the competitive job market. The sequence assumes that you have no prior knowledge of business topics and is intended to make business learning interesting, accessible, and valuable to students in all majors.

Prerequisite: Students must have 60 hours of college credit and permission of the instructor.

Take these three courses:

  1. BUS 301 Macro Concepts in Contemporary Business (3); and
  2. BUS 302 Micro Concepts in Contemporary Business (3); and
  3. BUS 303 Business Process Integration (3)

Note: Not open to students with majors or minors in business.

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