SCA 1 Experiencing Arts and Culture

Students will travel domestically or abroad to a particular urban location(s) (e.g. New York, Paris, Milan, Prague, etc.) for an immersive thematic sequence focused on the global importance and impact of the integrated creative arts (e.g.: architecture, interior design, theatre, studio arts, graphic design, music, etc.). This intensive, experiential program will help a student from any major develop a general knowledge of cultural history, and an understanding of the theories and application of various forms of the creative arts. This sequence assumes no prior knowledge and is intended to make the creative arts interesting, accessible, and valuable for all majors. There are no prerequisites, but students need to have completed 30 hours, or have permission of the instructor. This will ensure that the sequence builds on the foundational liberal education knowledge gained in the first year. Instruction will be provided by a multi-disciplinary team of faculty from the School of Creative Arts.

1. SCA 121 Introduction to the integrated Arts and Culture (3); and

2. SCA 221 Immersion in the Integrated Arts and Culture (3); and

3. SCA 321 Application in the Integrated Arts and Culture (3)

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