SCA 2 Principles in Innovation, Creativity, and Design Thinking.

Sponsored by the Miami Design Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary network that brings together faculty and students from throughout Miami to study and practice principles in innovation and design process, this sequence: provides multi-disciplinary learning opportunities where students can experience different problem-solving orientations inherent in various disciplinary perspectives; offers learning opportunities focused on contemporary issues; fuses design thinking processes inherent in art, psychology, entrepreneurship, and interactive media; and balances theory and practice, allowing students to implement their ideas through project-based learning.

1. SCA 111 Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking (3) (MPF)*; and

2. ART 256 Design, Perception & Audience (3) (MPF)*, or
IMS 253 Building Interactive Objects (3), or
PSY 271 Cognitive Psychology (3); and

3. ESP 464 Social Entrepreneurship (3), or
ESP 469 Entrepreneurship in Complex Organizations (3), or
PSY 453 Human Factors/Ergonomics (4)

Note: *Only one Foundation (FND) course can count toward both a Foundation requirement and a Thematic Sequence. Since this sequence includes multiple FND courses, not all of these FND courses will automatically apply to the sequence. Nevertheless, all courses listed here are available for this Thematic Sequence.You may add any omitted courses to your Thematic Sequence by visiting the Office of Liberal Education for assistance in meeting the allowable requirements.

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