SJS 1 Social Justice and Inequalities.

The goal of this sequence is to introduce students to social justice studies from a sociological perspective, with particular focus on social inequalities. The objectives of the sequence are: (a) to explain how various sociological and philosophical theories of justice contribute differentially to human rights and social justice-based policies, programs, and declarations/covenants at both national and global levels; (b) to evaluate consistencies and disparities between micro- and macro-level efforts to achieve social justice; (c) to develop core sociological concepts and theories across the three levels of courses; (d) to facilitate and guide personal insight and reflection for acting in a morally just way.

1. SOC/SJS 165 Introduction to Social Justice Studies (3); and

2. SOC 305 Introduction to the Sociology of Globalization (3), or
SOC 225 Work and Occupational Justice (3), or
AAA/SOC 207 China and Globalization (3); and

3. SJS/SOC 323 Social Justice and Change (3), or
SOC/BWS 348 Race and Ethnic Relations (3), or
SOC 372 Social Stratification (3), or
SJS/SOC 487 Globalization, Human Rights and Social Justice (3)

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