SOC 2 Applied Social Science Methods.

Emphasizes the applied dimensions of social research, and reviews the basic methodologies social scientists employ in their research. Although you receive exposure to the techniques involved, emphasis is on the thinking processes involved in doing social research and in applying research findings. Learn how to frame questions, link them to basic concepts in sociology and anthropology, how to decide on appropriate methodologies, how to examine data, and how to link the results of research to theoretical and applied issues.

Prerequisite: Either SOC 151 (3) (MPF) or SOC 153 (3) (MPF) or ATH 155 (3) (MPF).

1. SOC 262 Research Methods (4); and

2. ATH 265 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (4); and

3. ATH 411 Applied Anthropology (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Sociology and Gerontology or the Department of Anthropology.

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