SOC 3 Sociological Perspectives on Inequality.

Uses a sociological perspective to approach the issues of social, political, and economic inequality in contemporary society, paying particular attention to inequality as it is determined by class, race, and gender. Begins with an examination of theories of social stratification; then follows a sequence of courses that allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of the major dimensions of social inequality.

Prerequisite: SOC 151 Social Relations (3) (MPF) or SOC 153 (3) (MPF) or BWS 151 Introduction to Black World Studies (4) (MPF).

1. SOC/WGS 203 Sociology of Gender (3); and

2. BWS/SOC 348 Race and Ethnic Relations (3), or
BWS/SOC 448 The African American Experience (3); and

3. SOC 372 Social Stratification (3), or
SOC 411 Social Conflict (3), or
SOC 417 Economy and Society (3)

Note: Not open to sociology or gerontology majors.

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