SOC 4 Sociological Perspectives on Criminality and Deviance.

Students will use the social dynamics of history and a sociological perspective to understand and critique conformity, crime, deviance, and the justice system in contemporary society, paying particular attention to the social construction of legality, normality, and crime as influenced by various cultural contexts. The sequence begins with an examination of the basic theories and components of deviance/conformity, then follows a sequence of courses that allows them to examine and develop an understanding of the criminology field and concludes with an advanced course. Students must apply for this Thematic Sequence; enrollment is limited.

1. SOC 201 Social Problems (4), or
SOC 202 Social Deviance (4); and

2. SOC 352 Criminology (3); and

3. SOC 409 Systems of Justice (3), or
SOC 410 Topics in Criminology (3), or
SOC 413 Juvenile Delinquency (3)

Note: Not open to sociology or gerontology majors.

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