SOC 5 Gender and Family Studies.

Sequence exposes students to the major sociological contributions to gender and family issues and gives them experience in connecting the substantive content in the courses. Objectives include: 1) demonstrating how various sociological theories differentially contribute to our understanding of gender, sexuality, and families; 2) linking the core concepts sociologists employ across three levels of courses; 3) highlighting how definitional issues and current research in gender, sexuality, and family intersect, and 4) deriving personal insights for reflecting and acting regarding one's position in the social structure as to gender, sexuality, and family.

1. SOC/WGS 203 Sociology of Gender (3); and

2. SOC/WGS/FSW 221 Human Sexuality (3); and

3. SOC 361/FSW 363 Sociology of Families (3), or
FSW/GTY 466 Later Life Families (3)

Note: Not open to sociology and gerontology majors. Majors in the Departments of Women's and Gender Studies and Family Studies and Social Work must complete at least nine hours outside the department of major.

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