SOC 6 Medical Sociology.

This thematic sequence focuses on social factors in health and illness and the structure and function of health care systems globally. Students completing the sequence will be able to articulate differences between the sociological model and medical model of health and illness; explain how health is stratified by social factors such as gender, age, race-ethnicity, and social class; describe the U.S. health care system and contrast it with that of other nations; identify key ethical issues in health care; critically evaluate the stratification and socialization of health care professionals; and analyze the function and structure of various health care settings.

1. (Choose one of the following):
*SOC 151 Social Relations (4), or
*SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context (3); and

2. (Choose one of the following):
SOC 257 Population (3), or
SOC 260A Internship: An Introduction to Applied Sociology and Human Services (3), or
SOC 358 The Sociology of Mental Disorders (3); and

3. SOC 357 Medical Sociology (3)

*Global Miami Plan Foundation.

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