Social Justice and Inequalities

(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Sociology and Gerontology, 375 Upham Hall (513-529-2628).

The Minor in Social Justice Studies (SJS) offers a sociologically-based foundation of knowledge and skills to examine the essential connections between social values, structured inequalities, and social change.

Program Requirements:

All of these:

SJS/SOC 165 Introduction to Social Justice Studies (3)

SJS/SOC 323 Social Justice and Change (3)

Choose ONE of the following:

SOC/BWS 348 Race and Ethnic Relations (3)

SOC 372 Social Stratification (3)

Choose TWO of the following:

SOC/WGS 203 Sociology of Gender (3)

SOC/FSW/WGS 221 Human Sexuality (3)

SOC 225 Work and Occupational Justice (3)

SOC/DST/EDP/WGS 278 Women and (Dis)ability: Fictions and Contaminations of Identity (3)

SOC 305 Sociology of Globalization (3)

Choose ONE of the following:

SOC/GTY 318 Sociology of Aging and the Life Course (3)

SOC/DST/EDP/WGS 375 (Dis)Ability Allies: To be or not to be? Developing Identity and Pride from Practice (3)

SJS/SOC 487 Globalization, Social Justice, and Human Rights (3)

SOC 440A Field Experience-Research (3-4)*

* Must be preapproved by instructor for Social Justice related content.

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