SPA 2 Exploring Social Emotional and Communication Consequences in Special Populations.

Offers students the opportunity to develop insight into: (1) the problems facing physically, mentally, communicatively, culturally, or socially challenged individuals in our society; (2) the development of structures and environments needed for such individuals to communicate effectively, and (3) how these environmental modifications can be implemented. Provides specific information on recognizing and treating physical and communicative disorders, with emphasis placed on those problems that impact the normal development of speech, hearing, and language.

1. SPA 127 Introduction to Communication Disorders (3); and

2. EDP 256 Psychology of Learners with Exceptionalities (3); or
SPA 233 Perspectives of the Human Face (3); and

3. SPA 427 Alternative Communication Systems for the Severely Handicapped (3), or
EDP 491 Teaching Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities (3).

Note: Not open to speech pathology and audiology majors. Special education majors must take all SPA courses (nine hours minimum outside department of major).

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