Spanish- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, 268 Irvin Hall (513-529-4500).

No courses in Spanish may be taken credit/no-credit.

Courses taken cannot fulfill more than one requirement for the Spanish major.

Program Requirements

(36 semester hours in SPN)

Note: SPN 101, 102 Beginner’s Course, SPN 111 Intensive Basic Spanish, SPN 201, 202 or 203 Second Year Spanish, and SPN 211 Intensive Intermediate Spanish, do not count in the required 36 hours.

Required Courses

This one:

SPN 311 Grammar Review and Introductory Composition (3)

These two:

SPN 312 Introduction to Spanish Language/Linguistics (3)

SPN 315 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3)

Choose ONE of the following sequences:

SPN 351, 352 Cultural History of Spain I, II (3, 3)

SPN 361, 362 Spanish American Cultural History I, II (3, 3)

SPN 381, 382 Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture I, II (3,3)

Nine semester hours from the following (at least 6 hours at the 400/500 level):

SPN 420 Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spain (3)

SPN 430 Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spanish America (3)

SPN 440 Selected Topics in Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture (3)

SPN 451/551 Studies in Spanish Narrative (3)

SPN 452/552 Studies in Spanish Poetry (3)

SPN 453/553 Studies in Spanish Theatre (3)

SPN 454/554 Don Quixote (3)

SPN 461/561 Studies in Spanish American Narrative (3)

SPN 462/562 Studies in Modern Spanish American Drama (3)

SPN 463/563 Studies in Spanish American Poetry (3)

SPN 464/564 Studies in the Spanish American Essay (3)

SPN 481/581 Spanish Phonology and Syntax (3)

SPN 482/582 Spanish Dialectology (3)

SPN 483/583 History of the Spanish Language (3)

SPN 484/584 Second Language Acquisition: Spanish (3)

This one:

SPN 490 Senior Seminar/Capstone (3)

Nine semester hours from these:

SPN 316 Intermediate Spanish Composition (3)

SPN 317 Business Spanish (3)

SPN 331 Spanish for Community Work (3)

SPN 342 Advanced Conversation (3)

SPN 351 Cultural History of Spain I (3)

SPN 352 Cultural History of Spain II (3)

SPN 361 Spanish American Cultural History I (3)

SPN 362 Spanish American Cultural History II (3)

SPN 381 Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture I (3)

SPN 382 Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture II (3)

Related Hours (17 required)

Eight hours of Portuguese:

POR 111 Accelerated Introduction to Portuguese (4)

POR 211 Second Year Portuguese (4)

Nine hours from the following.
May include any courses in another foreign language, ancient or modern, or any of these:

ART 317 The Arts of Colonial Latin America (3)

ATH 305 Latin America: Anthropological Perspectives (3)

ATH 313 Introduction to South American Archaeology (3)

GEO 304 Latin American Development (4)

GEO 405 The Caribbean in Global Context (3)

HST 307, 308 Latin America from Discovery to the Present (3, 3)

HST 487 Mexico Since 1810 (4)

POL 337 Politics of Latin America (3)

POL 378 Latin America: Region and the World (3)

POL 478 Media and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean (3) (MPC)

REL 317 Religions of Meso-America (3)

THE 391 Modern American Theatre (3)

THE 392 Modern European Theatre (3)

THE 491 Theatre History: Classic through Neo-Classic (3)

THE 492 Theatre History: Restoration through Late 19th Century (3)

THE 493 American Theatre (3)

Any Latin American Studies course

Any literature course in the English department

Students with specific needs can work out other plans of related hours with their advisers. A second major substitutes for the 17 related hours.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing SPN 315 and 490.

Teacher Licensure

Students who wish to combine teacher licensure with an Arts and Science major must observe the rules, procedures, and restrictions pertaining to admission to a licensure cohort as outlined in the School of Education Health and Society chapter. For information, contact the Office of Student Services in the School of Education Health and Society, 202 McGuffey Hall (513-529-6418).

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