(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, 268 Irvin Hall (513-529-4500).

You must plan your program with your adviser in the department. Courses may not be taken credit/no-credit. This minor consists of Spanish courses above the 202 level.

Program Requirements

This course:

SPN 311 Grammar Review and Introductory Composition (3)

Choose ONE of the following:

SPN 312 Introduction to Spanish Language/Linguistics (3)

SPN 315 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3)

Choose ONE of the following sequences:

SPN 351, 352 Cultural History of Spain I, II (3, 3)

SPN 361, 362 Spanish American Cultural History I, II (3, 3)

SPN 381, 382 Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture I, II (3, 3)

Two additional courses from any 300 level course (excluding SPN 303 and SPN 341), or SPN 420, 430, 440, or 481-484. Other 400 level courses may be taken with permission from the instructor.

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