Speech Pathology and Audiology- Bachelor of Science

For information, contact the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, 2 Bachelor Hall (513-529-2500).

Miami offers the Bachelor of Science in speech pathology and audiology. The State of Ohio requires a series of graduate courses in order to practice as a speech pathologist or audiologist; you cannot be licensed in Ohio without the required graduate courses. More information is available from the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology and on the Department's website.

Special Admission Requirements

Enter the program as a pre-speech pathology and audiology major and take these four courses:

SPA Pre-major courses: (12 hours)

SPA 127 Introduction to Communication Disorders (3)

SPA 222 Anatomy of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (3)

SPA 223 Theories of Language (3)

SPA 225 Neuroscience and Communication Behavior (3)

Students are accepted into the major after taking the four pre-major courses and if they have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.00 and a 3.00 in the SPA pre-major courses. No tests or interviews are required for consideration as a major student.

SPA Required major courses: (22 hours)

SPA 316 Introduction to Audiology (3)

SPA 326 Therapy for the Hearing Handicapped (3)

SPA 334 Clinical Phonetics and Articulation Disorders (3)

SPA 393 Junior Seminar in Speech Pathology and Audiology (1)

SPA 402 Counseling Strategies for Speech Pathologists and Audiologists (3)

SPA 426 Language Disorders (3)

SPA 427 Alternative Communication Systems for the Severely Handicapped (2)

SPA 435 Speech and Hearing Science (3)

SPA 493 Senior Seminar in Speech Pathology and Audiology (1)

SPA Required related courses: (24-25 hours)

BIO 161 Principles of Human Physiology (4)

EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies in Education (3)

EDP 201 Human Development and Learning in Educational Environments (3) or

EDP 101 Critical Issues in the Psychology of the Learner (3) or

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology (4)

EDP 256 Psychology of the Exceptional Learner (3)

FSW 281 Child Development (4)

PHY 131 Physics for Music (3) or

PHY 101 Physics and Society (3)

STA 261 Statistics (4)

SPA elective courses:

SPA 101 Beginning ASL I (4)

SPA 211 Deaf Culture and Community (3)

SPA 233 Perspectives of the Human Face (3)

SPA/DST 312 Deaf Culture: Global, National and Local Issues (3)

SPA 413 Senior Seminar in Communication Disorders (3)

SPA 416 Research Design (3)

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