STA 1 Quality Issues in Contemporary Business and Industry.

Provides sufficient understanding of the factors influencing quality and organizational productivity. Upon completion, you should be able to critically examine work systems and play a leading role in the improvement of any work process in which you are involved. Key themes include: data based decision-making, use of statistical tools for process analysis and quality improvement, measurement of quality, Total Quality Management, quality leadership, employee involvement, and the relationship between work processes and quality improvement systems.

1. ISA 205 Business Statistics (4), or
STA 301 Applied Statistics (3), or
STA 368 Introduction to Statistics (4); and

2. MGT 302 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management (3); and

3. ISA/STA 365 Statistical Quality Control (3), or
MME 334 Quality Planning and Control (3); and

4. MGT 453 Productivity Improvement (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Management. Majors in the departments of Decision Sciences and Information Systems; Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering; Mathematics and Statistics must select a minimum of nine hours from outside their department of major.

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