STA 2 Applied Statistics.

Provides a basic understanding of the statistical data analysis procedures of estimation and hypothesis testing and their use in data-based decision making. Based primarily on the “classical” assumptions of random sampling and normal distributions, data analysis applications range from one and two population problems to more complex problems of regression and design of experiments. The first course, chosen from three options, introduces additional statistical procedures that go beyond the “classical” assumptions. Considers examples from a variety of disciplines and life experiences and employs statistical software extensively.

1. STA 261 Statistics (MPF) (4), or
STA 301 Applied Statistics (3), or
STA 368 Introduction to Statistics (4); and

2. STA 363 Introduction to Statistical Modeling (3); and

3. STA/ISA 333 Nonparametric Statistics (3), or
STA/ISA 365 Statistical Quality Control (3), or
STA/ISA 432 Survey Sampling in Business (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Departments of Mathematics or Statistics.

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