Supply Chain and Operations Management- Bachelor of Science in Business

For information, contact the Department of Management, 3056 FSB (513-529-4215).

In recent years companies have worked to connect the different areas of their businesses to achieve efficient movement of goods and services to the consumer. Supply chain management fills the gap that exists between departments and connects trading partners to create a smooth flow of information, services, and products through the supply chain.

The supply chain management major combines courses in accountancy, decision sciences, operations management, marketing, logistics and purchasing. The integration of these disciplines allows supply chain management students to understand the interaction among them and how to produce and move goods and services in the most economical way. Students learn practical industry applications with the aid of field trips, guest speakers, and simulations in the classroom.

Program Requirements

All of these:

ISA 303 Enterprise Systems (3)

MGT 432 Global Strategic Sourcing (3)

MGT 451 Operations Planning and Scheduling (3)

MGT 453 Productivity Improvement (3)

MKT 415 Marketing to Organizations (3)

MKT 431 Logistics Management (3)

MGT/MKT 498 Supply Chain Management (3)

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