Supply Chain Management

(21-22 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Management, 3056 FSB (513-529-4215).

A recent study cited supply chain management (SCM) as one of the three most important management practices for determining world class performance. This minor, open to all university students, provides an understanding of SCM as a key business strategy, and it develops tools for integrating key functions of procurement, production, marketing, logistics, accounting, and MIS, leading to successful operation of the entire SCM process. You will be exposed to career opportunities in this field.

Program Requirements

Business foundation courses. All of these:

ISA 205 Business Statistics (4) or

STA 261 Statistics (4) or

STA 301 Applied Statistics (3) or

STA 368 Introduction to Statistics (4)

MGT 302 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management (3)

MGT 432 Global Strategic Sourcing (3)

MGT/MKT 498 Supply Chain Management (3)

MKT 291 Principles of Marketing (3)

MKT 431 Logistics Management (3)

Focus elective. One of these:

ISA 303 Enterprise Systems (3)

MGT 451 Operations Planning and Scheduling (3)

MGT 453 Productivity Improvement (3)

MKT 415 Marketing to Organizations (3)

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