THE 1 Modern Theatre and Drama.

Study of the influences, backgrounds, playwrights, and theatre artists that have brought about contemporary theatre production practice, style, and dramaturgy. The eclecticism of 20th century theatre reflects the shifting realities of science, culture, politics, and aesthetics in a way that mirrors our attempts to understand ourselves and our world. The objective is to reach an integrative knowledge of the connectedness of art and society to understand how in creating an image of our lives, in forging new realities, in exploring new forms and styles, theatre artists have helped define our response to the world and our experience.

1. THE 101 Theatre Production I: Theory and Analysis (3) (MPF); and
THE 103 Theatre Production I Laboratory (1) (MPF), or
THE 191 Theatre Appreciation (3) (MPF); and

2. THE 393 Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Issues in Dramatic Literature (3); and

3. One from the following:
THE 391 Modern American Theatre (3), or
THE 392 Modern European Theatre (3), or
THE 395 American Musical I: A History to 1950 (3), or
THE 396 The American Musical II: A Contemporary History 1950-2005 (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Theatre.

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