The Honors Plan for Liberal Education

A traditional strength of Miami University is its emphasis on liberal education. In a broad sense, liberal education refers to education in a variety of disciplines/fields of study that is designed to help students understand and creatively transform human culture and society. While most Miami students develop liberal education skills and abilities by completing the Global Miami Plan, students in the University Honors Program develop these key skills and abilities in an alternative way, which is known as the Honors Plan for Liberal Education. Rather than fulfilling requirements in specific subject areas (e.g., English), honors students meet honors learning outcomes. These outcomes are categorized into seven key competency areas: Written Communication, Inquiry, Critical and Integrative Thinking, Intercultural Understanding, Collaboration, Reflection, and Breadth of Learning. These areas of competence are aligned with the essential learning outcomes of liberal education that several recent national studies have identified. Students meet honors learning outcomes through Honors Experiences (i.e., honors courses or intensive co-curricular experiences that are approved by the Honors Program).

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