Theatre- Master of Arts

For more information, contact:
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Theatre
119 Center for Performing Arts (513-529-3053)

This program requires a minimum of three semesters (or two semesters and a summer term) for completion. Deficiencies in your undergraduate background or requirements in a track may cause your program to extend longer.

Program Requirements

(34 semester hours)

Core requirements

All of these:

THE 601 Research and Methodology (3)

THE 603 Introduction to Theatre Historiography (3)

THE 605 Introduction to Theatre and Performance Theory (3)

THE 610 Graduate Seminar in Theatre Topics (3; maximum 6)

THE 703 Graduate Colloquium in Theatre Studies (1; maximum 4)


In addition to the core curriculum, each student will also take:

At least one graduate level course outside the department approved by the student's advisor (3)

Field of special interest:

Each student must take an additional 6 hours in his or her field of special interest within theatre studies (directing, design, playwriting, dramaturgy, history or criticism). (6)

Thesis hours:

THE 700 Research for Master’s Thesis (1-12; minimum 6, maximum 12)

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