Transfer and Articulation Policy

The Ohio Board of Regents developed a statewide policy to facilitate the movement of students and transfer of credits throughout Ohio’s state-assisted higher education system.

The Transfer Module is a set of core courses that all Ohio public colleges and universities have agreed will count for credit at any Ohio school. It contains 54-60 quarter hours or 36-40 semester hours of specified courses in English composition, mathematics, fine arts, humanities, social science, behavioral science, natural science, physical science, and interdisciplinary course work.

If you have successfully completed the Transfer Module at an Ohio college or university, you will be considered to have fulfilled the Transfer Module at Miami. Additional Global Miami Plan requirements that are not included in the Transfer Module, however, may be required.

The policy encourages preferential consideration for admission to students who complete the Transfer Module and either the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science degree (60 semester hours) with an overall 2.00 GPA Students should understand, however, that admission to a given institution does not guarantee admission to all majors, minors, or fields of concentration. Once admitted, transfer students will be subject to the same regulations governing applicability of catalog requirements as all other students. Furthermore, transfer students will be accorded the same class standing and other privileges as all other students on the basis of credits earned. All residency requirements must be successfully completed at the receiving institution prior to the granting of a degree.

In order to facilitate maximum applicability of transfer credit, prospective transfer students should plan a course of study that will meet requirements of a degree program at the receiving institution. Specifically, students should identify early in their collegiate studies an institution and major to which they desire to transfer. Furthermore, students should determine if there are language requirements or special course requirements that can be met during the freshman or sophomore year. This will enable students to plan and pursue a course of study that will articulate with the receiving institution’s major. Students are encouraged to seek further information regarding transfer from both their adviser and the college or university to which they plan to transfer. Students can appeal through the academic department and a university committee on the applicability of transfer credit. A statewide appeals committee considers appeals not satisfied at the university level.

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