Undergraduate Certificate in Design Thinking

The Design Thinking Certificate is offer by the Miami Design Collaborative, led by the School of Creative Arts. MDC is a multi-disciplinary design initiative that brings together students and faculty from throughout campus to develop expertise in design thinking and to implement that knowledge through complex, team-based, problem-solving experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. MDC offers the Design Thinking Certificate to students interested in gaining knowledge and a level of expertise in design process and collaborative problem-solving. Students must complete the following experiences to receive a certificate.

Program requirements:

SCA 111 Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking (3)

Take a minimum of two curricular experiences:

Curricular experiences are defined as courses which are officially approved by the university to receive traditional credit hours and meet graduation requirements. The following courses are approved:

ART 354 3-Dimensional Design (6)

IMS 440 Interactive Media Studies Practicum (4)

Engineering Capstone (by advisor approval)

Architecture/Interior Design Studio (by advisor approval)

Other courses allowed through MDC advisor approval.

Participate in a minimum of one co-curricular experiences: Co-curricular experiences are defined as experiences outside of normal classroom activity and may or may not receive university credit. Such experiences would include identified conferences/symposiums, ad-hoc design challenges/competitions, service projects, student-organized activities, etc. (by MDC adviser approval only).

Each student pursuing the certificate will be advised by the MDC Adviser/Director.

At the close of the academic year, each student would be required to present a “portfolio” representing their progress and their work within the certificate program.

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